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Mustang Nepal - Home of Lo Manthang

Upper Mustang Nepal and it’s walled capital Lo Manthang is a remote and starkly beautiful area. Off limits to tourists until it was opened in 1991 it is still one of the most culturally authentic and isolated regions of Nepal and is still referred to as the Last Forbidden Kingdom.

Located in the rain shadow of the Dhaulagiri range on the Tibetan plateau Upper Mustang is one of the most spectacular regions of Nepal. With sculpted canyons, fantastic rock formations, Tibetan style villages, cave complexes, royal palaces, fortresses and Tibetan Buddhist monasteries under the shadow of the snow capped peaks of the Himalayas.

Mustang Nepal is home to the Kali Gandaki gorge which is the deepest in the world, along with the meditation caves of Guru Rimpoche and the walled city of Lo Manthang the home of the Mustangi king. Home to countless Tibetan Buddhist monasteries and also to the Bon religion which is an ancient religion that predates Buddhism.

The Tiji Festival in Lo Manthang is an annual event in Lo Manthang and is the most colourful in the region. It consists of 3 days of Tibetan rituals centred around the celebration of good triumphing over evil.


  • The walled city of Lo Manthang – the capital of Upper Mustang
  • Colorful and fascinating Tiji Festival in Lo Manthang.
  • The Kali Gandaki Gorge – the deepest in the world
  • Incredible high altitude desert scenery
  • Sculpted canyons and amazing rock formations
  • Unique Tibetan culture that many claim is more Tibetan than Tibet
  • Buddhist Monasteries and Bon Traditions
  • Royal Palaces, meditation caves and fortresses
  • Authentic Tibetan style villages
  • Spectacular views of the surrounding area with a backdrop of snow capped peaks

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