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Nepal Holidays - Why Nepal is an Epic Photography Destination

Poon Hill sunrise, Annapurna Region

Nepal holidays feature the most epic travel destination in the world. Home to the Himalayas and 9 of the worlds tallest mountains including Mt Everest (Sagamartha) the worlds tallest mountain. Nepal has the biggest and most incredible mountain scenery in the world. These massive mountains can be seen from just about anywhere on a clear day. 

The cute mountain villages, rolling countryside and epic peaks are a photographers dream and are readily accessible to most. 

Contrary to popular belief Nepal is not just a trekking destination. In fact there are so many things to do that don’t require trekking at all. 

Culturally Nepal is diverse. There are so many amazing temples, palaces, stupas and so on that a week could easily be spent around Kathmandu photographing it all. And there are temples, monasteries and special places everywhere. 

As the birthplace of Buddha, Nepal is one of the most spiritual places in the world. Home to some very holy pilgrimage sites for Hindus and Buddhists. Nepal has an exquisite fusion of Hinduism and Buddhism mixed with a strong element of Shamanism that is quite unique. This is fascinating and delightful to the photographer particularly during festivals and celebrations. 

Home to dozens of different ethnic groups Nepal is culturally diverse. Time can be spent exploring villages, photographing people and local markets. The ancient Tibetan culture of the Upper Mustang is unique and was until recently closed to foreigners.  The many Hindu festivals and customs are not only colourful but fascinating to watch and photograph. And these are but a couple of examples in a country where there are still so many remote and barely visited regions. 

In the Terai regions you can experience something totally different to the mountains. Wild rhinos can be spotted while elephant riding in the jungles and national parks for which Chitwan is most well known. This is also the home of the tiger which is much more elusive. A village visit here is a must for any photography trip as is the early morning elephant safari. 

If you are an adventure lover or just want a little break from your photography there are so many fun options for any age or fitness. White water rafting, bungee jumping, paragliding or the worlds longest zip line. These can all be fitted into a photography itinerary. 

From a practical viewpoint Nepal is a safe and easy destination. The people are very friendly and helpful and in the tourist areas practically everyone speaks English (and a bunch of other languages as well). It’s easy to purchase a local SIM card and use data on your trip to stay connected (although in some areas network can be slow or lacking). There is even more free wifi available than in most other countries. In fact Nepal is very well set up for tourism due to the fact that tourism is their primary source of income. 

But flexibility and a laid back attitude will help you a lot. Due to the geography of Nepal it is normal to encounter issues such as landslides, delayed mountain flights, power outages etc. 

A photographers once in a lifetime trip? Definitely not, you will want to come back year after year there is so much to see and experience!!

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