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Photography Gear List

We have compiled a list of recommended photography gear to get the most out of your trip and to ensure that you end up with some amazing professional quality photos of your trip. We keep in mind that weight is an issue and that for transport and logistics you may want to keep the weight of your camera equipment down as low as possible.


Photography equipment:

  • Your camera – an SLR is preferred but not essential
  • Camera lenses – A wide angle zoom is suitable for most situations but you may choose to bring a macro lens for close ups or a telephoto as well. If you are doing a tour that includes wildlife in Chitwan then a tele zoom is essential (such as a 70-200mm). If you are going trekking you may opt to leave that lens at home as you will find that the scenery in the mountains is so incredibly large that you will need to use wide angle most of the time (and even then you may need to stitch some big scenes). A macro lens may be nice while trekking to capture small flowers and details.
  • A tripod – you may opt for a lighter weight option but if you want to capture things such as waterfalls, stars at night or make the most of sunsets and sunrises this is essential gear.
  • A sturdy camera bag – We recommend a backpack type back to make it easy to carry with an all weather cover.
  • Memory cards – make sure you bring plenty as you may have no way of downloading photo’s particularly if you are trekking or in remote regions.
  • Filters – A polarizing filter is very handy as are graduated ND filters ensuring you capture the best images.
  • Camera battery charger and spare batteries (make sure you have a couple of spare batteries particularly on trekking trips)



Other equipment:

  • Power adaptors – An India suitable (type D) power adaptor. You can buy one of these cheaply in Kathmandu on arrival. Most hotels have universal plugs so you may not need it but it’s nice to have just in case. We also suggest taking a small power board that you can plug into your adaptor or power point and then you can plug all of your devices in at once for charging.
  • A lap top computer – not essential but you can download your images and edit them as you go if you have one. Many hotels will have wifi so it makes it easier to share your trip with friends and family.
  • A small portable hard drive for backing up your images from your computer (for safety in case of loss or damage).
  • If you are trekking you may consider bringing a solar charger or a power bank for charging your electronic devices.


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