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Nepal Weather & Climate

Nepal weather and climate varies considerably depending on the altitude and location. The low land Terai Region (to the south) is characterised by a sub tropical climate where it is hot and humid during summer and cool but not cold in winter. The mid land hills that cover the central areas of the country are cooler, with pleasant temperatures for most of the year. The mountain regions have a much cooler alpine climate all year round and can be extremely cold particularly in the winter months.


Nepal has 4 seasons:


Spring (March – May)

The temperatures in spring are warm in the lowlands and mild at higher altitudes. This is the time that the rhododendrons (the national flower) and other flowers are in bloom bringing colour to the trekking trails in the mountains. This is the second most popular season for trekking and is the time for most expeditions to Mt Everest.


Summer (June-August)

This is also the rainy season (monsoon). It is generally hot and humid in most areas (except the mountains) and on most days there are thunderstorms that move through quite rapidly particularly in the late afternoon or evening. This leaves the air quite clear and leaves the hillsides a lush green colour.


Autumn (September-November)

This is the most popular tourist season in Nepal and the trekking trails can be quite busy at this time. The temperatures are still quite warm and the skies are mostly clear with very little rain. It is also the season for festivals as the Hindu festivals of Dashain and Tihar are at this time of the year. In the mountains the hillsides are dotted with autumn coloured leaves.


Winter (December – February)

The weather is cooler in these months. The climate can be very cold at higher altitudes although the sky is clear with occasional snowfalls. Down from the mountains the air can be quite hazy.



Average Temperatures:

Average Temps (degrees Celcius) Max/Min Spring Summer Autumn Winter
Kathamandu (1336m) 28/10 29/19 27/12 20/2
Pokhara (827m) 28/15 29/21 26/17 20/7
Namche Bazaar (3447m) 11/1 16/8 10/4 7/-6
Trisuli (541m) 32/17 32/20 30/15 23/8

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