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Teej Festival Day Tour

4th September 2016

Teej is a 4 day Hindu festival celebrated by Nepal women, for the long life of her husband as well as the long and firm relationship between them until death this life and for all lives to come. Teej is observed for marital happiness, the well being of their spouse and children as well as the purification of her own body and soul. Teej is the most famous festival among Nepali women.

Folk music and dances add more excitement to the tradition of Teej. It is wonderful to watch the women dressed in red singing and dancing as well as going to the temples to worship.

Teej is a small red insect that comes out of the soil during the rainy deason – it is said that the origin of the name for Teej festival was from this insect. That’s why Teej is celebrated in red.


You will be picked up from your hotel at 10am at which time you will travel to Pashupatinath World Heritage Area. Your guide will arrange fast track entry (as there are thousands of women lined up waiting for entry) and you will be able to wander the courtyard and grounds of the temple watching and photographing the festivities. Men are not allowed in this area but our guide arranges special tourist entry to photograph the festival regardless of the sex of participants. Entry into the actual Pashupatinath is prohibited to non Hindu’s but most of the festivities take place outside this area.

You will be escorted back to your hotel at around 3-4pm

About the Teej Festival

The first day of Teej is called Dar Khane Din. On this day family members particularly women both married and unmarried gather in their finest clothes of red and start singing devotional songs and dancing. In the evening a feast called “Dar” takes place. After the feast the fasting begins.

The second day is the main day of Teej. On this day fasting is observed. Women dress in red with all of their jewelry on display and visit a nearby Shiva Temple. Most devotees in Kathmandu go to Pashupatinath Temple which is thronged by thousands of women on this day. At the Shiva Temple women worship the Shiva Lingam (the symbol of Lord Shiva) with offerings of flowers, sweets and coins. The main puja is made to Shiva and Parvati asking them to grant their blessings on the husband and family. The main part of the puja is done in the evening with the lighting of butter lamps which are left burning through the night. It is a tradition for the mother in law to give the diyo of Teej to the married woman.

On the third day (Ganesh Chaturthati) women rise at dawn the wash and do puja again to the diyo and the goddess Parvati. The most important part of this puja is the banana and holy basil leaf. After this the women have food.

On the fourth day women pay homage to various deities and bathe with red mud found on the roots of the sacred Datiwan bush. This act of purification is the final ritual of Teej.

Tour cost includes:

  • All transportation for the day from your hotel
  • A local guide who will explain the details of Teej and arrange entry to Pashupatinath Temple area.

Tour Price for Groups:

  • 100USD per person for 1-3 people
  • 80USD per person for 4-6 people
  • 60USD per person for 7 or more people

Fixed Departures:

4th September 2016

24th August 2017

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