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Photography Tours - Gokyo Lakes on the Everest Photography Trek


The exhilaration of knowing you just nailed that shot. When the clouds parted and the mountain reflection with its golden late afternoon glow reflected in the pond. You were caught breathless at the beauty of the epic scene in front of you and the adrenaline was coursing through your body. “I nailed it” you said knowing that this was the moment you were waiting for from the moment you dreamed of coming to the Himalayas.

Nepal Photo Tour

This incredible tour allows us to experience the best of Nepal with no trekking or altitude. Visit the UNESCO world heritage sites around the Kathmandu Valley. Experience the traditional life, culture, history and architecture. Spend time on wildlife safari in Chitwan, with early morning elephant rides through the jungle searching for rhino’s and watching the sunset by the river. Experience magnificent mountain views throughout the trip and visit some beautiful viewpoints for sunrise. Photograph the boats on the lake at sunset in the most picturesque location in Nepal. Enjoy the stark and arid beauty of Mustang marvelling at the unique architecture and way of life. Enjoy a spot of adventure white water rafting the Trisuli River and spend a couple of days in an authentic village experiencing and photographing daily life. This and so much more, this trip is perfect for anyone. Including kids and people with limited fitness.

Why a photography trip?

Perhaps you are a photographer looking for the next bucket list location, or just a keen traveller wanting to go home with epic photos to show to your friends. 

Our trips are designed so that you have time to get to know Nepal, to capture great photos and to experience the people and place fully. Our itineraries have you in the right place at the right time and allow plenty of time for exploring. 

There is no need to be a photographer, nature lovers and those that like a more moderate pace with plenty of time to just enjoy the scenery will also benefit. 

Many of our itineraries are also suited to older travellers and those of limited fitness and mobility. 

We also have great adventure treks for those photographers who like to push boundaries and challenge themselves (and of course get the most epic photos too). 

Our itineraries are all planned out for the best photo opportunities. You can do these on your own or put together a group of friends. We will provide registered mountain and city guides for you that are familiar with your needs. If requested we can also provide photography teachers and guides to your group. 

Photography Trekking Trips

We have a range of trekking options to Nepal and the surrounding region that are suited to photographers.

The Himalayas are the most epic photography destination. However in order to capture these epic peaks in the most dramatic fashion it is necessary to do some walking (trekking). There are however many different options ranging from fairly easy to difficult. Our itineraries are designed so that you can be in the right place at the right time and we provide detailed notes and guides that will take you to the best spots so that you can capture these amazing moments.

Choose from one of our itineraries and arrange your own departure date or book onto one of our fixed departures with Andrea Robinson our award winning photography guide.

Upcoming trips with Andrea guiding

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1st April 2017

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